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2014-10-09 Local Candidates

October 9th - 7:30 PM "Local Candidates" Forum

At our next meeting on Thursday, October 9th, we will be hearing from the candidates running for citywide and local offices here in Manteca. We have invited all candidates who are running for municipal offices to come speak to our group and engage with us on their plans for our city. Individuals who attend the meeting will have the opportunity to interact with the candidates and hear directly from them on the pressing issues that are facing our community. This is an exciting opportunity for residents of our city to hear directly from the men and women who are hoping to be our representatives at the level of government closest to us. All members of the public are welcome and invited to this opportunity to engage with our public officials.
We have invited the following candidates:

Ben Cantu
Steve DeBrum

Vince Hernandez
Mike Morowit
Rich Silverman

Alexander Bronson
Ashley Drain
Manuel Medeiros
Don Scholl

This is an exciting opportunity for us to hear directly from the men and women who are hoping to be our representatives at the level of government closest to us. Come hear what they have to say! 


We will also be sharing opportunities for folks to get involved in activities in this area. We will be again holding the 50/50 Raffle. Look forward to seeing you there!  

-- Join us each 2nd Thursday, 7:30 - 9:00 PM at:

Chez Shari (at the Manteca Golf Course) 305 North Union Road

2014-09-11 Solemn Remembrance

September 11th - 7:30 PM  A Solemn Remembrance

Our September 11th meeting was dedicated to a solemn remembrance of those who tragically lost their lives in the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 and a grateful tribute to our courageous first responders both then and around us today. The event will feature speakers, music, and visual aids to help us all remember the events and sacrifices of that day.


2014-08-14 Gun Rights

August 14th - 7:30 PM Gun Rights and 'Reasonable' Gun Control

Our invited speakers weren't able to make it after all and David Marks led the discussion on the latest information and trends the 2nd Amendment is having on Gun Rights and "Reasonable" Gun Control.

2014-07-10 SSJID's Jeff Shields

July 10th - 7:30 PM Jeff Shields, SSJID

South San Joaquin Irrigation District's General Manager, Jeff Shields, provided an update on both the drought situation's near and longer-term outlooks for our region as well as SSJID's bid to become our electric provider to lower costs.

Drought concerns take front and center in this 2014 irrigation season and we in Manteca are in relatively good shape this year, but if the drought continues, the future impacts may be dramatic - as they already are in some areas of the state. During the worst drought in California, the District's goal is to make enough water available for the irrigation season to assure growers have a successful crop and that the municipal water users receive enough high quality water from the Water Treatment Plant to protect the health and safety of the community. Jeff will provide the latest forecasts, the water rights battle raging in Sacramento, and why the predicted El NiƱo does not necessarily mean a wet winter for our region and could result in a drier than average year and worsening drought. In fact, based on previous droughts, Manteca may see our water table drop 20 feet by October with impacts to some wells and to growing salt intrusion to our aquifer. Read more on the actions SSJID is taking at:

SSJID's bid promises to provide retail electricity with achieve significant cost savings, service improvement and increased reliability to its current agricultural customers, residents, businesses and governmental entities within Manteca, Escalon, Ripon and surrounding rural areas. Jeff also provide an update on the LAFCo approval process.


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